Friday, July 11, 2008

WWJD- What Would Joan Do?

I long for folk songstress stardom. Never mind that I can't play the guitar. OK, I don't even own a guitar. But, I sing really well in the car. Is it somehow possible that all these years I have been missing my calling? Is this ad girl destined for something more?

It could be a family affair. Hubby can sing back-up. We'll duet. We'll sit by the pool in the evenings singing ballads to Baby Girl under the stars. I'll grow my hair out. Hubby will wear sandals. We'll eat tabbouleh and drink mulled wine. I think Joan Baez would be proud.

But, she probably wouldn't pay my mortgage. So, I guess I'll keep my day job. At least until I learn to play the guitar. Then, I'll be unstoppable!

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