About Yours Truly

Hi. I'm Tiffany Starnes. I aspire to be a smart, sassy, pulled together gal. But let's be honest. Sometimes life comes at you from behind and knocks you on your impeccably organized, tastefully accessorized derrière. And suddenly you are definitely no Doris Day. But, what I definitely always am is a mother to a special needs duaghter named Danger, over-achieving Vice President of an online marketing agency, clutz, bleeding heart, and hopelessly in love with my partner-in-crime hubby. And these are the tales of my almost domestically blissful life. *Jazz Hands*

Why Not So Doris days? We've all had those days. Those wonderfully chipper cheery days when everything is going your way and you're on top of the world. And then we have those other days. Those days when you can't find your car keys, you're 20 minutes late to work where you must walk in completely unprepared for that 10:00 meeting with the big shot client who surely won't notice the baby food on your skirt hem. Yep, it's gonna be one of those days. One of those not so Doris Day days.

Que Sera.

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