Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

American Apparel Hits Bottom

When I came across the American Apparel "Best Bottom" contest I couldn't shake the wave of utter disgust and disdain that I felt. But I also couldn't pinpoint why.

Sure, there is the blatant objectification of women. And the exploitation of amateur models for commercial gain. There's the unfortunate placement of mostly nude women near the innocent toddler touting the "Expanded Kid's line." And, yeah, Dov Charney sends shivers of nausea down my back, with his smarmy workplace ethics and seedy soft core porn ads (Don't get me started on the facial hair).

But, his unconventional creativity has built an empire and he uses his influence to fight some pretty worthy causes, like immigration and Prop 8. I usually respect and admire most things rogue and anti-establishment. In fact, it's kind of my thing.

So where did this passionate hipster disdain come from? Have I gone the way of the over the hill counter culture crusader turned yuppie? Maybe I'm threatened by the next generation of young idealists. It's not entirely out of the question. Yours Truly is not impervious to the occasional bout of petty jealousy. (Hello, Heidi Klum in a bikini? Bitch.)

Or maybe hipsters are the new teenyboppers. A subculture of superficial skinny jeans searching for the shiniest object.

Whatever the case, I can't shake it. But I don't want to close my mind and become a judgmental old coot. I'm pretty sure some of my friends might in fact be hipsters. Possibly even my own father. (Yes, it's true. He is partial to avant garde art and gold lame tights and I love him dearly for it).

So, here's the deal, I promise not to judge you by your tight fitting ironic tee. But, I will not give up my LATFH addiction.

And, I will do my best to not buy anything retail from American Apparel. While I support their fair wage practices and endorse many of their causes, Charney makes me feel dirty. It will be hard, but I will have to find my mesh unitards somewhere else with a little more class. Like

PS As a special belated Holiday gift, I present to you the American Apparel Christmas ad. Enjoy.