Thursday, July 10, 2008

My BlogHer debacle

So, I want to go to the BlogHer conference so bad it's killing me. In my ad girl role, I am intrigued by the blogosphere. But, in my Yours Truly world I am dying to get the inside scoop on this fabulous community and become a part of these wonderful women.

I mapped out my plan. I went to the bosses and pleaded my case. "It's a great resource. I'll learn about a new medium. I'll network with the word of mouth mavens that are redefining the advertising world." And what do you know, the powers that be gave in and bought me a ticket to San Fran. Yay...

Until...the conference is sold out. Snap. Oh, but wait, wonderspot is giving away a ticket. Yesss! But I didn't win. Hold on Izzy Mom has a pass. Sweet! Nope. Didn't get it. What's that? Miss 604 can't go...Again, too late.

But I am not giving up hope. I'm twittering and posting and stalking my little heart out. And, in my quest for a BlogHer pass I have discovered some wonderful women and found myself becoming part of the fabulous community.

PS. I am a newbie, hope I linked correctly to the great blogs I have discovered along this yellow brick road.


WonderSpot said...

Awww. I'm sorry you didn't win my pass! I wanted to go so badly, too!

Maybe next year we'll both get the chance!

(And, yes, I think you linked just fine!)

Yours Truly said...

I found a pass at last minute, so I am actually here at BlogHer. You definitely need to go next year. I have never met so many wonderful inspiring women!