Friday, June 19, 2009

The Twitter Reply Conspiracy

A while back Twitter changed the reply function so that you only saw responses to people you were following. Which means when you send an @tiffanystarnes message, instead of going to everybody that follows you, it only goes to people who follow both the me AND you. So your college buddy in Wisconsin won't ever see your pithy response to my eloquent 140 chracter genius.

I try to explain this "Tiffany style" on LPTV. Pretty sure I wasn't drinking, but also pretty sure I only confused the situation further. Long story short...if you want everyone who follows you to see your Twitter posts, put a period before the @ when you Tweet.

But, if you want to hear about Dianne and the band guy carpooling to a U2 concert...

PS. Yet another Phoenix commercial. Maybe I need to get an Associates degree.

1 comment:

bff said...

what about me and the band guy and U2? when have i ever told that story?