Friday, June 26, 2009

Confessions of a former Yes Woman

Today I got in my first fight with a respected peer and close friend. About social media. I was fully pissed off about a project that I was passionate about that I thought was being handle entirely wrong. (Never mind that said project isn't even one I am working on.) I had strong opinions and knew that I was right and pretty much said so. Because that's kind of what I do.

And then it dawned on me...that's kind of what I do. Since when? How did that happen? See, not long ago I was a quiet yes man. Yes, it's true. Yours Truly was an insecure ad gal pushing traffic orders. I don't know exactly how it happened. I started out with a vision and a dream. But, then I spent way too long being held back and began accepting mediocrity. I did what was expected and didn't cause trouble. Went with the flow. So I began to retrace my path to today's social media smack down.

It started when Danger came along. I discovered a community of mommybloggers that inspired me and rekindled a fire inside that was all but extinguished. I followed them, discovered this thing called Twitter and got involved in a conversation that was empowering and real and candid. I was hooked. And then I found other people in my own backyard that were just as hooked. And then I realized that these people were making things happen and changing the game. And before I knew it I was one of them. Suddenly, I was part of this crazy revolution of authentic passion that refused to bow to mediocricy. Well, I had to do something.

So, I started doing rogue social media campaigns for clients. They worked! Bye Bye rogue, hello full frontal honesty. And adios mediocrity. Off I went to follow my dreams and pursue my passion. So that's the story of my transition from yes man to social media champion. A transition that happened so organically that I totally missed it. Until today.

So, there you have it folks. Tiffany Epiphany. Thanks for listening.

Disclosure: This is my blog. My personal rant about all things me. It is not a mommyblog nor it is not a place for intellectual discourse on social media strategy. It's just me. And my 2 faithful readers:)


Bird said...

Love it! I'm generally a yes woman, but when I taught, I'd fight like hell for my students. Guess it all depends on how passionate we are about the situation at hand.

Chris said...

I love your tiffany epiphany. And glad you fight for what you believe in. I think it's less about being right and more about having convictions and saying what you feel. Only time will tell who's right, and success or failure is going to be based on millions of things beyond our control. But if you feel strongly about something, then say so. People can take it or leave it. You have too much value to add to the conversation to sublimate it as a feeble yes woman. Glad that's In the past for you. You and we are better for it. Thanks to Danger for giving you that confidence.

Tiffany Starnes said...

I was just going back over some old posts. Thanks so much for your support and kind words!