Thursday, April 2, 2009

Social Media Stylist

After months of recession hair, I finally got myself to a professional for a long overdue haircut. Now, I have been prone to break out the scissors after a few glasses of wine to "trim" my bangs. It's what I like to call Drunk Styling. Some people call their exes, I add layers. And, while I might think I look pretty good, I always amazed at how much better I look when I leave it to the professionals.

So, while I understand that everyone has access to social media tools, if you want it done well, you will hire a professional. And by professional, I mean someone who makes it their sole responsibility to do something extremely well and with passion and dedication.

Sure, you can create your own Twitter account. You saw how to do it on the Today Show! But then what? How are you going to use it? Who do you hope to connect with? How are you going to track and measure success? More importantly, in an industry that is changing daily- maybe hourly- are you going to devote time to studying best practices, industry trends and standards?

Yes, I know what scissors are. But, I have absolutely no idea what an elevated angulated long layered bob is. (Hint: I don't even think it exists.) That's why I go see Chris at Paris Parker.

So, all you folks out there who want a DIY bowl cut social media strategy. Go for it. And when people point and laugh, you will eventually seek professional help. I'll be waiting. And I promise not to judge.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Me thinks you would have plenty to say about all the personal branding BS floating around today, too.
stop by often,


Yours Truly said...

Funny you should ask! I am actually working up the guts to post about some of the more annoying "experts" out there;)

Thanks for stopping by yourself. Looks like I have a new blog buddy. Yay!