Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Twitter Gras

I've been noticing a lot of Mardi Gras tweets and I love seeing the season through other people's eyes via their posts and TwitPics. Then I came across Tom Martin's experiment to live stream his weekend on Twitter. What a great idea!

But, I got to thinking about how cool it would be if everyone posted their Mardi Gras experience and tagged it with #mardigras. That way you could aggregate all the unique things people are doing around the city in one place and really get a 360-degree look at the festivities.

It works great for conferences, right. And if you have never watched your favorite TV show with the Twitterverse, you should try it. It's like sitting in your living room with a bunch of really snarky friends. Like tonight when @blathering totally called Collichio out on his roux knowledge on #topchef...but, I digress.

So, if you are out and about in NOLA for Mardi Gras, tweet it out and add #mardigras at the end. Or, if you are stuck behind your desk in Seattle wishing you were here, just search Twitter for mardigras and enjoy some real time vicarious living!

Happy Mardi Gras. Let's share our fun. Show us your Tweets!


jeskaNOLA said...

Great idea, Tiffany! I'm totally in. :)

Yours Truly said...

Thanks Jess! Spread the word.

blathering said...

OK. I'll do what I can. But texting twitts from my phone is not really my specialty. Plus I'm so distracted by the shiny that is #mardigras!

tom martin said...

Thanks for the hat tip to my Mardi Gras tweets. It was great fun and I think it actually worked! Maybe next year we get the CVB involved and do a true TwitterGras. ;-)